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Attack of the Neo-Cons


Over the past six years, the global “War Against Terror” has created cover in America for the Neo Cons (or “New Conservatives), and their covert attack upon authentic (as opposed to a selective) freedom, justice and equality in America. These right-wing retrogressive social elements are well known to freedom loving people in our society. They give themselves a “make-over” every decade, but remain essentially the same in belief and orientation, as they have since the nation’s beginnings.

These closet white supremacist, xenophobic, Satanically-inspired individuals, advocate a proper, state-sponsored terrorism, in defense of the “American dream”, while other people are living the “American nightmare”.

We the people who are African American Muslims, know the Neo-Cons’ type, and have continued to recognize them down through the centuries. They believe that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, and want for all public school children to still be taught that in the 21st Century. Perhaps he discovered it for Europe. Fine,then say that.

They further believe that it was acceptable for European settlers to commit genocide against the Native Americans, and steal their land. The Neo-Cons’ ancestors were willing and happy participants in the Atlantic Slave Trade , which they saw and see as a blessing to "savage Africans". Thus, it never occurs to them that the descendants of the Original Americans, and African slaves, view holidays such as Thanksgiving and July 4th from a different perspective than the descendants of pioneering settlers and immigrants. How arrogant and insensitive they are.

The Neo-Cons are the ideological sons and daughters of people who slandered American abolitionists, and fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War. Once the war concluded, they formed and joined the Ku Klux Klan, implemented the Black Codes, and never saw any of these groups as terrorists.

In fact, even now they consider Early American freedom fighters such as Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Harriet Tubman, John Brown , Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Osceola, to be terrorists. We know the Neo-Cons.Their only concept of American Founding Fathers is one of white slave-owners. They believe “white makes might, and might makes right”, and therefore they don’t consider the dropping of atomic bombs on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , as acts of terrorism.

In their former 19th and 20th century incarnations, the Neo-Cons favored and benefited from European imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism. They now revel in American global hegemony. They sing the praises of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, but only as it applies to them and not to others; especially people of color. To the Neo-Cons, J. Edgar Hoover was a hero and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) were troublemakers. Current human rights defenders are also.

Neo-Cons consider Clarence Thomas to be a good role model for all African Americans. They call black people by derogatory names in private, fed lies to Colin Powell, and laughed when the ramifications of the general’s U.N. pre-Iraq War speech, caused him to resign. Condelezza Rice is the subject of the Male Neo-Cons’ nocturnal erotic fantasies . They’d love for her to be their Sally Hemmings.

The Neo-Cons consider the late Pope John Paul’s interfaith initiatives and social justice advocacy to have been a waste of time, and they are glad that he’s been replaced by Pope Benedict; whose attitude they like (even if he is Catholic). They have no private or public record of building bridges between people who have cultural or religious differences. They exploit differences.

The Neo-Cons disdain those who accentuate the similarities between Jews, Christians, Muslims and others. They worship false gods (race,class, sex, power, etc.) and accuse true believers of doing what they do. They are the real idolaters, who worship Mammon while using the “good name of Almighty God, to shield their own dirty religion”. Also, some of them are Evangelical Christians who support the state of Israel, but are privately scornful of Jews. They just want to see Jesus return. When he does (peace be upon him), and return he will, they will be very sorry, and even more surprised.

Neo-Con mercenaries hide in the shadows of the inter-net, lurking as would-be cyber-killers who assassinate the character of good people, with public records of genuine good deeds, on behalf of humanity. The Neo-Cons have none. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who consider fascists to be freedom-lovers, and freedom lovers to be fascists (look at one of their websites, www.discoverthenetworks.org) . We know them. They speak out against the words of the "victims of democracy" (El-Hajj Malik/Malcolm X), but are silent about the actions of its violators.

Neo-Cons love usury and continue to rob from the poor and give to the rich. They break out in a sweat when their partners get caught in Enron-like scandals, because they are all fearful of exposure. The Neo-Cons unleash “economic hit men” on so-called Third World nations, and see the rebuilding of the coastal cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, as a low priority for the sake of grassroots people; but a high priority for profit-makers.

We know them. They don’t care about the millions of people in the U.S.A. who don’t have health care, as long as they have theirs. Neo-Con policies enable gun trafficking that results in the loss of young lives in the inner cities of America (i.e. "the 'hood) and the heartland (like Columbine). Do they care? No.

Neo-Cons have a home atmosphere that produces children who hang nooses on trees where African American children like to sit in the shade. They never saw an unfair trial with black or brown defendants that they considered unjust. They think the police are always right when those being arrested are African American males, and consider allegations of police brutality and abuse of power to be consistently exaggerated.

Neo-Cons care about the wrong things. They don’t have a problem with American citizens (much less others) being subjected to shock treatment, isolation, exploited phobias, isolation, sensory deprivation, stretch positions, shock treatments, and other forms of abuse and torture. They consider the Four Freedoms acceptable collateral damage in the war for free market enterprise.

We know the Neo-Cons. They preach against polygamy while practicing adultery. They espouse public morality while presiding over industries that glorify debauchery. They are married but have boyfriends, or girlfriends, or both, on the side.

The Neo-Cons supported Saddam, partnered with Noriega, and played cards with Spiro Agnew. They were sorry that Nixon got caught, and would have preferred John Wayne for U.S. President, but admit that Reagan turned out just fine. Neo-Con elected or appointed government officials decided to arm and train Osama Bin Laden. Historically they have only had a problem with dictators and fascists who turn on them, after having been on Uncle Sam’s payroll.

We know the Neo-Cons. They have forgotten what Abraham Lincoln said, and believe that they can fool all of the people all of the time. They are still defending President Bush’s Iraq policy. They are graduates of the University of Chicago - which they attended before or after Donald Rumsfield. They received their Ph.Ds in MK Ultra studies from McGill University, vacationed on Jekyll Island, and see the School of the Americas as a great institution of learning.

Neo-Cons tell lies disguised as truths and disdain dialogue. They control the American media on a corporate basis, love “thug journalists” and want to limit inter-net acess for others; but not for themselves.

We know them. Before the decision to open the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, N.Y. and the identification of Imam Al-Hajj Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid as an advisory board member, they never heard of him or the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood Inc., or just didn’t care that we exist.

The Neo-Cons could care less about people of color generally, and African Americas in particular, and know nothing about us. They don’t understand the nuances and diversity of the thinking of Muslim Americans of African descent. They don’t understand how or why we defend America and roundly criticize it simultaneously. Phrases like “Prophetic Patriotism” and “Non-Violent Jihad” puzzle them because they don’t know what they think they know.

The Neo-Cons looked at this web-site and either didn’t understand it’s contents, or did and decided to mis-represent them. They want to put out the light of Allah with their mouths. They have failed. They have only exposed yourselves.

One of the tactics that these enemies not only of Allah and the Muslims, but indeed all people of good-will who dis-agree with them have chosen, is to go to our web-site, pick and choose text and interpret what was there according to their own nefarious designs. We have chosen to counter their evil inunendos and falsehoods with truth. Therefore we have upgraded our site for the sincere and unaware who might come here seeking truth or clarification.

We have no illusions about the Neo-Cons, but know that there are many sincere people who seek the truth and we, being human, can always use a prod to perfect what we have been doing since our inception in 1967, which is "to give a true presentation of Al-Islam to American society".

The Neo-Cons, being modern-day Magicians of Pharoah, have thrown their rod of deception and falsehood. Now we will throw our rod of truth and evidence. May the sincerely mislead amongst them be guided to the truth (read Qur'an 26: 41-48), and as for the others, "May Allah break their legs, that we might know them by their limps".