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"We're not terrorists. We never have been and don't intend to be. We are the victims of terrorism. Our ancestors were enslaved and brought to America by terrorists. We were maimed, lynched, raped, and murdered by terrorists. Terrorists have bombed and burned our homes, and the houses of worship of our people, since the 'birth of a nation'.

Terrorists have worked to deprive our people of freedom, justice and equality from then until now.We have fought for freedom as a people, and as Muslims amongst our people from then until now,against terrorists. We haven't bombed anyone's churches in America, nor homes, nor office buildings, nor embassies. We have not raped, pillaged, or enslaved. We are the ones who have been raped, pillaged, and enslaved.

It wasn't us who gave the Original, Native Americans blankets infected with disease, nor injected syphliis into unsuspecting Southern Black people under the guise of the Tuskeegee medical trials.We haven't dropped atomic bombs upon civilians once, much less twice.We know the difference between freedom fighters and terrorists. We don't pretend to be one, when we are really the other.

We are not the terrorists, and never have been. We don't bomb abortion clinics or sniper-assassinate doctors. We are so far from being terrorists that when it was learned that the Beltway Sniper was an African American male, people were shocked -  even us. We still are. We are not eco-terrorists, nor do we assasinate or even talk about assasinating foreign leaders. We are not terrorists. We didn't blow up the World Trade Centers, We were blown up in them. And we responded in disaster mode when it happened, just like everyone else; but as Muslim African Americans.

We are not prison -recruited terrorists. We go into prison as criminals and come out reformed citizens of the world,or we go in as law-abiding citizens seeking the redemption of our brothers and sisters, and help them with their transformation. We are both volunteers and paid chaplains. We have served and do serve with honor when called to duty. We are honorable people from noble ancestors, constantly beset by forked tongued, two-faced devils in human form. We abhor the wanton taking of human life and believe it to be a sin.

We didn't start Uncle Sam's problems abroad or at home, and we know "chickens coming home to roost" when we see them. We are the litmus test for Uncle Sam's pious declarations concerning freedom and democracy. We live in Louisiana. We are still waiting, and working for true, comprehensive justice, and we won't pretend that our quest for it has ceased.

We don't violate treaties at home or abroad. We're not the ones who  others have accused of speaking with a "forked tongue". You know us. We speak truth to power, so much so that other people become angry when we do. But we do it anyway,by the Grace of The Almighty.

We helped build the American nation (U.S.A.), defend it, and change it for the better when others thought that it was already perfect and complete. We're still doing so. We are not the terrorists, so don't  try to depict us as such. We are patient, faithful, praying, fasting, charitable servants of Allah, who know terrorism by any other name. We have known it for over 400 years. We're not on the side of any terrorists, at home or abroad. Even after centuries of injustice and terrorism being directed towards us, we still haven't turned to terrorism. We're peaceful but we're not pacifists. That means that we won't transgress against anyone, but with Allah's help we will kick butt in self-defense,  if others transgress against us.

We strive to be on the side of the Almighty (God), Whom we call Allah. He is no terrorist; never has been, and never will be. He is Who He is. He is the God of Justice and the Vanquisher of Tyrants. We stand with Him. We worship Him, and Him alone. May He continue to sustain and protect us, and do what He has done to those who are His enemies and the enemies of His people, and may He bless us to truly be His people, amin (amen).