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The Neo-Cons Are at it again!



The Neo-Cons, undoubtedly outraged that their transparent antics are constantly being exposed, are at it again! This time they're upset that the Harlem State Office Building will be the site of a Community Cultural Celebration in honor of the 'Eidul-Fitr and the end of Ramadan. What bigots the Neo Cons are! Harlem's Muslim citizens can't have a public event with food and festivities like other citizens? Why not? Are the Neo Cons against citizens having access to use of community space? Give us a break!

But what's even more revealing are these comments, which appear on the web-site of well-known anti-multicultural advocate Pamela Geller (It's called "Atlas Shrugs"):

"  Lars Hedegaard said in our last interview, ' I doubt that America will wake up for what they are in for in until they're in for it. When I walk around in New York and I was recently in Washington, I see the signs. The Hijabgroup best indication of the level of Islamisation in the country will always be  the number of veiled women in the streets. Once you see veiled women in the streets, you know what's going to happen'.

And it's happening right before our very eyes. I received this from Atlas reader and New Yorker P, 'I live in Harlem and am amazed at the speed with which this neighborhood is turning into Harlemstan. 80% of people on the street are in hijab and robes. I live a few doors down from the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood.
Today saw a lone flyer on their door. i grabbed it.  I've been online for an hour trying to find it online but it doesn't exist'.

On Friday  10/10 at 6:00 pm Senator Bill Perkins (30th Dist) invites you to an Eid celebration at the  Adam C. Powell Jr State office Building Plaza (corner 125th and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd)

CoSponsors:   Masjid Aqsa Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
Women in Islam Inc
Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Muhammed
Mosque No 7 List in  formation....
Please rsvp to Cordell Cleare at 212-222-7315   (she is Perkins chief of staff)

An EID celebration on tax payer funded goverment property? WTF? More successful implementation of  Islamic Supremacism."


Firstly, 80% of Harlemites are not Muslims, although perhaps it seems that way to "P" . Undoubtedly this person just moved into the Village as the result of opportunities made possible by gentrification on one hand, and genuine progress on the other. Where was he or she when African American Muslims helped to clean up the very neighbor that he or she claims to live in, and make it possible (meaning safe) for them to do so?

Secondly, didn't "P" realize before he or she moved into the Village that it is inhabited primarily by African American and Continental African people? Doesn't he or she know that many (at least 2 million) African Americans are Muslims, and that many of Harlem's West African immigrant population come from Muslim countries? Isn't he or she aware that Muslims have been strong in Harlem for many, many decades? Don't you know where you live, "P" ? (BTW, Does your last name start with the letter P, also? If so, then we could call you " PP" ) It's called HARLEM - the world's most famous African village!

Tsk-tsk! What a bad neighbor this anonymous person is, and a liar to boot. So African diasporan Muslim people look like themselves in their own neighborhood? Get used to it, "P"!!! Oh by the way, the next time you want to sneak up to our masjid and tear down a flier of any kind from our door, please let us know. We'd like to meet you and greet you, and then pray for your enlightenment after we do so.